Type 2 balustrade installed in New Jersey residence.

Concrete Balusters And Balustrade Systems

Vytas Ornamental Inc. specializes primarily in concrete balustrade systems as well as Synthetic polyester Balusters (light weight imitation suitable for wooden decks and balconies) large concrete garden urns, planters, concrete patio tables as well as Ornamental plaster Ceiling designs.

Our concrete balustrade systems cost less then synthetic polyester systems. Balustrades have gained recognition over time as being traditionally made of structurally durable material, most commonly concrete. Today you have an option to place balusters on wooden decks by using synthetic polyester imitations. While not as durable or stable as concrete, synthetic polyester may be your best option if want to have a classic baluster look on a wooden porch or patio. While you can tell the difference between real and fake when looking up close, from the distance a polyester balustrade can be almost indistinguishable from our actual concrete balustrade
gallery of vytas balusters Gallery Of Our Balustrades Select from our type 1 through type 8 balusters shown installed in people's residences throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania etc.
gallery of vytas balusters Installing Concrete Balusters Our experts can help you instal the balustrade, or you can follow the installation instructions on this link. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
gallery of vytas balusters Custom Baluster Designs Selecting from one of these baluster drawings is a more time consuming and costly way to go, but if you need a specific style, this may be your best choice
gallery of vytas balusters Concrete Columns, Tables, Urns Vytas Ornamental also offers  concrete columns, large garden urns/planters, tables and other masonry products to compliment your concrete  balustrade
gallery of vytas balusters Construction related Products Select from a variety of our ceiling designs, 3D arch ornaments and cornice behind which lights can be placed, capitels, stone backgrounds and more
gallery of vytas balusters Get a quote for your project Select the type of balustrade you like from our gallery page & email us a sketch with measurements, unless you know the exact amount of balusters needed
EASY INSTALLATION - Installation of our concrete balustrades usually does not require drilling, thanks to the design of our intricate railing system. Seam on the balusters is only on one side, not two, and is barely visible. You can begin by practicing installation online.  Located in Pennsylvania, we have been the manufacturer of concrete balustrades since 1996 and our products are installed from New Jersey to California.

FAST SHIPPING to any part of USA - depending on the size of the project, style of balusters and time of the year, we may be able to have your balustrade at your location the next day. For larger projects, requiring 200 feet of railing or more, allow 1-2 weeks.

TO ORDER the baluster system, you should provide us with dimensions of each section as well as sketch of a lay out, as this allows us to determine the spacing, angles, and calculate exactly how many posts, rail sections and balusters you will need.

On the right, our type 1 balustrade installed in  New Jersey
 For this project type 3 balusters, which are thicker
 were cast with a special rebar
  and used as newel posts
Type 1 balustrade installed in Atlantic City, New Jersey