Type 2 balustrade installed in New Jersey residence.

Balustrade Installation Instructions

Installing Vytas Ornamental balustrade is easy: Remember, instead of glue you are using mortar to connect all pieces

STEP 1. Mark where the newel posts will be and place newel post bases and elevating pads for railing on mortar, let it set. take a break.

STEP 2 and 3. Lay down bottom rail on top of elevating pads and edge of newel post base as shown in step 2 pic. you want to leave about 1/3" gap from the edge of the rail to post side, which you can later fill with mortar. Assemble 4 newel post sides on top of the base as shown in step 3, strap or clamp the sides together and fill with concrete. (If using electrical wires make sure you have them up at this point. do not put the cap on before you put on the top rail!)

STEP 4. In couple of hours you can begin placing balusters on top of bottom rail. Wait until the next day to install the top rail on top of balusters. You will need a helper to lift the 150lbs 7' sections of top rail and you want to be sure to go right through the grooves of the post and directly onto balusters. Again, don't forget to put the mortar on the top of the balusters first. now you can put the caps on top of the posts and you're finished. You can also practice to assemble balusters on line If you have any other questions about installation, do not hesitate to call 814-837-6292

A closer look at the newel post assembly:

Newel Post assembly diagram