Type 1 balustrade

Type 1 Concrete Balusters (plain)

Type 1 Concrete Balusters Plain style - add a lasting touch of antique class to any concrete patio. Together with bottom rail the top rail stands at 38.5". In order to meet the 4" ball code this balustrade must be spaced 8" center to center, in other words 1.5 balustrade per foot. Square part dimensions on top and bottom of these baluster are 6"x 6", single baluster height is 29.5" without the handrails. If no code is required in your area they can optionally be spaced at every 10" for wider gaps.

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Approximate Price: $70 per linear foot includes: 1.5 balusters per foot (to pass the code), top, bottom railings and elevating pads: The amount of material needed for your balustrade varies greatly depending on the shape and size of your patio/porch, that is why we encourage you to email us the layout with measurements. Sometimes you may want to use wider spacing between balusters, or not to use the bottom rail, these factors also contribute to the overall cost.