Type 2 balustrade installed in New Jersey residence.

Ceiling Designs And Moldings

Vytas Ornamental Ceiling Designs offer an easy way to add life to your ceiling in an existing home without the need to cut out the walls or waste precious interior space in order to create depth. In order to create a ceiling tray or ceiling dome the rest of the ceiling space around it needs to be sacrificed. Unlike ordinary ceiling tiles some of our ceiling designs like RC-Nansen and RC-2 offer an 8.5" projection at certain parts allowing you to see behind the fixtures instead of a flat board.

One of our large ceiling medallions is M2k, with a diameter of 60", very easy to install in 4 parts. If you want to cover the entire ceiling without the use of repetitive pattern then our Gothic surround may be just what you are looking for: four easy to install wing fragments make up a huge 84" diameter medallion, but that is just a part of it, from thereon, runs extend as far as needed in 8 directions to cover your entire ceiling ending with 8 small medallions to complete the style near the walls - it does not matter what shape or size your ceiling is, this design will fit in perfectly.

Our RC-2 Ceiling design features ceiling tiles that seamlessly wrap like a decorative rope around the crown molding which is part of the design also. M2 medallions which sit between every four main fragments have a 8" projection creating extra depth to the whole ceiling style.

A nice ceiling design can change the interior of your living room. Ceiling styles can be left plain white or be painted to match existing interior decor. We offer a selection of ceiling designs that can make a difference in your living room without the need to go wild building ceiling domes or arches in a limited indoor space. Our interior designs can be installed on a flat or textured ceiling