Type 2 balustrade installed in New Jersey residence.

How to Order a Balustrade System

Select the type of balusters you want from our gallery page. The first step is to make sure we have the right measurements so we can calculate the material, price and shipping. You can draw a simple sketch with measurements on a piece of paper, and either scan it or take a close up pic of it and e-mail it to us. It also helps to include a photo of the actual patio along with the sketch to easier understand the layout. If sending the blueprints, please mark/highlight where the balustrade needs to be.

Example of a sketch below. If you know where you want the newel posts (piers) to go mark them with squares, if you are not sure, don't worry, we will advise based on your layout. We then require about 20% deposit depending on the size and type of the project (unless you want to pick up what we have in stock). Balance has to be paid in full upon delivery either by certified check, cash or money order.

If you know exactly how many balusters, railings and posts you need you can skip this step below, give us the list of material and we will give you the price on the total. Call 814-837-6292
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